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Chris Evans

Színészcsere történt az Apple és a Skydance romantikus akciófilmjében.
Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are back at work on their upcoming Netflix movie The Gray Man! The actors were spotted arriving for a day of filming on their new film on Friday (December 3) in downtown Los Angeles. It seems Ryan and Chris are doing re-shoots for the film as it was previously reported [...]
Ana de Armas to Reunite On-Screen with Chris Evans, Replacing One of His Other Frequent Co-Stars
Ana de Armas is teaming up with Chris Evans for a new movie from Apple Original Films! The 33-year-old No Time to Die actress has landed the lead female role in the upcoming high-concept romantic action adventure film Ghosted. The movie will be directed by Rocketman and Eddie the Eagle director Dexter Fletcher. Chris ...
Chris Evans Visits Disney World with Family & Friends
Chris Evans got in a quick vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort recently in Lake Buena Vista, Fla! The 40-year-old Marvel star kicked off the holiday season with family and friends by visiting Magic Kingdom. He got the change to pose for a photo with Mickey Mouse and we have it here for you [...]
Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are trending again and it’s all because of Taylor Swift! If you missed it, a few weeks ago, some fan-fueled rumors emerged that Selena and Chris could be an item! On September 24, it was reported on some fan Twitter accounts that Chris started following Selena on Instagram. Then, on [...]
Steve Cotterill, a Shrewsbury edzője már túl van az ötvenen, mégis jó kondiban volt, míg le nem csapott rá a koronavírus. Hála az égnek, már tud beszélni a küzdelméről.
"Eternals," the latest MCU entry, opened in theaters recently, and could struggle at the box office compared to past Marvel movies.
Chris Evans has been showing off his piano skills on Instagram Stories throughout the last few months and his latest video is one of his best ones yet! The 40-year-old actor took to his social media account on Saturday morning (November 6) to share a video of himself playing two different songs on piano. Chris [...]
People's Sexiest Man Alive Choice for 2021 Is Rumored to Be...
A new report has revealed who People magazine has allegedly chosen to be the Sexiest Man Alive for 2021! The official announcement is not expected to come until next week, but Page Six has leaked the choice thanks to their sources with inside knowledge. The report claims that this man was going to be named [...]
Egy videó buktathatta le őket, amit a színész tett közzé a közösségi oldalán.
With Marvel’s newest movie Eternals hitting theaters this weekend, we’re taking a look back at how much money the Marvel stars have made over the years for each of their films. Each star has made very different amounts in their Marvel movies throughout the years from 2008 until today. This post contains salary ...
Amerika Kapitány pajzsa olyan filmes relikvia, amit jelentőségében csak Indiana Jones ostorához lehet mérni.
Everyone wants to know more about Lightyear! The Toy Story spinoff debuted its first teaser trailer on Wednesday (October 27), and it’s already amassed an insane amount of views. Click inside to read more… The trailer for the Chris Evans-voiced movie has 83 million views in its first 24 hours, Deadline reported. ...
Előzményfilmet kap a Toy Story, de nem úgy, ahogy azt várnánk.
Our first glimpse into Chris Evans voicing the iconic role of Buzz Lightyear is finally here! The sci-fi action-adventure Lightyear presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear—the hero who inspired the toy—introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans. “The phrase ‘a dream ...
Chris Evans is revealing that he is just like us by sharing his love for The Office with his fans. Over the weekend, the 40-year-old Knives Out actor posted a tweet about the show which involved Pam and Jim, gushing over the couple as many other fans do. “When Jim and Pam are having an [...]
Captain America: Civil War was one of Marvel’s most popular movies to date, and fans of the franchise know that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was one of the few superheroes who actually did not appear in the film. The film saw Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) at odds and picking sides [...]
If you don’t follow Deuxmoi on Instagram, you absolutely have to start! If you don’t know, the account is run anonymously and reveals speculative items about various celebrities based on supposed insider info. The account blew up during the pandemic, and has since grown a huge fan base. Now, Deuxmoi did an ...
Az alábbi filmek sztorijait mind megtörtént események ihlették, és most bármelyiket megtalálhatod a Netflixen is.
Fans are getting a taste of Chris Evans‘ piano skills yet again in a new video that he has shared to his Instagram account. The 40-year-old actor went viral on social media a couple weeks ago when he shared a video of himself playing the Lionel Richie song “Easy” on the piano. Now, Chris is [...]
There are rumors swirling on social media that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez might be dating after fans think they discovered some evidence. It’s important to preface that nothing has been confirmed and everything that is being reported so far is purely speculation at this point. So, what exactly have fans discovered ...
Szóval úgy érzed, ideje elkapnod az őszi hangulatot? Mi is lenne a legjobb erre a célra, ha nem néhány szuper film, ami azonnal az évszakot idézi fel benned?!
Squid Game is the latest TV phenomenon on Netflix and fans are falling in love with Wi Ha-Joon, who plays police officer Hwang Jun-ho. The new Korean series follows 456 desperate contestants who compete with each other in a mysterious and deadly survival game involving multiple rounds of childhood games to win 45.6 ...
Chris Evans is trending on Twitter and going viral for a video he posted on Sunday (September 19). The 40-year-old Marvel star played a very famous song on the piano and posted it on his Instagram Story. Click inside to watch… Chris played the song “Easy,” written by Lionel Richie, which you may recognize as [...]
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are grabbing a bite to eat together! The 38-year-old Bad Moms actress and the 43-year-old actor were spotted making their way to a restaurant on Saturday morning (September 18) in Studio City, Calif. The couple coordinated in white t-shirts, with Mila pairing hers with a jean shorts and ...
Lizzo appears to be campaigning to star in the upcoming remake of The Bodyguard with Chris Evans! It all started when news broke that the 1992 movie, originally starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, would be remade. One fan tweeted that she’d like to see Lizzo and Chris in the roles. Well, Lizzo seemed to [...]
Anthony Mackie átvette a pajzsot Chris Evans-től, és például az Amerika Kapitány 4 már az ő főszereplésével készül, viszont azontúl, hogy a Marvel-színtéren ügyeskedik, még a videojáték-adaptációs szférába is belép. ://deadline.com/2021/09/anthony-mackie-john-doe-sony-pictures-television-playstation-productions-t...
A sztárok csillagászokként igyekeznek meggyőzni a teljes apátiában szenvedő kormányzatot az űrből érkező veszélyre.
A rendezőpáros köztudottan jó viszonyt ápol Scarlett Johanssonnal, így az ő tetszésüket sem nyerte el a Disney forgalmazási stratégiája.
Magyarországon elsőként látható amerikai drámasorozat, népszerű kasszasikerek, imádott klasszikusok, és foci újra, minden mennyiségben. Többek között ezzel a kínálattal kedveskednek a nézőknek az RTL Magyarország kábelcsatornái szeptemberben.   Országos premierként szeptember 18-án indul az ...
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