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2019.01.22. kedd, Vince
Many electronics must receive FCC certification before going to market. The move could prevent delays in releasing products theverge.com
Europe’s controversial ‘link tax’ in doubt after member states rebel
Copyright activists just scored a major victory in the ongoing fight. Articles 11 and 13 have been sent back to the drawing board theverge.com
Can Xiaomi beat Vivo and Oppo to bigger sensors? Can Xiaomi beat Oppo and Vivo? theverge.com
If only it were true. A misleading blog post is currently being updated theverge.com
Stop & Shop is testing self-driving mini grocery stores
Customers can hail the mini grocery stores via an app. Vehicles will cart around Stop & Shop items like produce, convenience items, and meal kits to ...
Most Facebook users don’t know that it records a list of their interests, new study finds
It might be something worth knowing. 74 percent of people weren’t aware of Facebook’s methods. theverge.com
Part of a marketing push ahead of its stock going public. Part of a marketing push ahead of its stock going public theverge.com
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