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2020.08.12. szerda, Klára
'Thank you for being a voice for her, you are brave and did the right thing.'
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which holiday home is the fairest of them all?
'He likes a lot of attention so he was probably moving the remote to make me pet him.'
Planning on getting on the property ladder?
'Having these boys was a way of making sure David is never forgotten.'
'Some days we don't even open for lunch as there is no one around here.'
If you're endlessly scrolling bad news and bad-faith takes, you're a doomscroller.
Just because things have gone virtual, doesn't mean working relationships need to fall apart.
'People kept asking if I thought it was wise to be drinking while holding a scan.'
I’m telling you this because many of us will be emerging from months of hibernation in bodies that don’t look like they did in March.
Now we have to worry we're enjoying sex TOO MUCH?!
'She couldn’t even get the word "yes" out because she was so shocked.'
'I’m sorry you’ve had to queue outside for half an hour to get your Nando’s fix, or can’t wait any longer to get a £1 thong from Primark. My husband ...
She sat on the bin while her husband cut the umbilical cord.
I was once told point blank by my after school club acting teacher that people like me ‘wouldn’t get very far in the industry’.
Apparently you should let the milk cool the tea, rather than let the tea heat the milk.
My mother has been a part of a rishta group for the past few years. It’s a place where eager parents can post a brief summary of their children and what ...
'We don’t want to live for years saving, scrimping and not enjoying our first years of marriage just to be able to own a property as soon as possible.'
Pubs and restaurants will close to allow schools to remain open in the event of a second wave.
'Lockdown has been a full-on blessing for me, sad as that sounds.'
Where to make the most of outdoor dining in the centre of Paris.
He said it almost casually, matter-of-factly, over lunch.
We're all born to run...it's just that some of us are more prepared than others.
Looking for somewhere with lots of space and good views?
I’ve been called exotic twice in the past 10 days, by different matches on dating apps.
'We must've got carried away and let our guard down because next thing we knew, a guy walking his dog appeared next to us as my boyfriend was f***ing me.'
There's a reason riots seem to happen when temperatures soar.
They've named her Florence after Florence Nightingale.
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