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'I either turn my phone off or leave it in the house so that I can only check it when I go in for short coffee breaks.'
'We do miss getting out for a coffee in the mornings, or going for a meal. Something to look forward when we are all allowed out and about again.'
'I thought if I sent my best friend a ponytail in the post it would cheer them up (it did).'
Battersea reveals the first recipe for their online series.
Potato peel makes a great snack - simply bake them in the oven with oil and salt.
It's very funny, but mainly because it's not happening to us.
'There are days where I sit all day and forget to eat.'
The mum-of-two urges parents to ignore pressure from braggers on social media.
No need to wait until the parks reopen
Suffering with back, neck and shoulder stiffness?
Some groups are calling for a rent freeze to avoid Brits getting into debt.
A woman has kindly shared her recipe on Facebook.
They contain chemicals linked to asthma, allergies and reproductive problems
'Working from home makes it very tempting to stay in front of the screen for a bit longer.'
'I was awake for the entire time. He numbed the area but I felt everything.'
'The days go very slowly now not being able to go out. I really miss the company.'
The Jewish festival may be a bit different this year.
If you've mastered banana bread, it's time to step your baking up a notch.
A break from shaking hands and stressful office environments has been a blessing for those who suffer from excessive sweating.
'I personally LOVE working from home, it has improved my mental health and outlook on day-to-day life.'
Her pupils are constantly dilated, but it's just because she's always so excited.
There's a biological reason for why you're so tired right now.
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