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How to become a mental health counsellor
Mental health counselling can be an invaluable support.
Health anxiety is characterised by obsessive and irrational worry, often marked by imagination of physical symptoms.
Can I travel to Italy this summer for a holiday?
Are Venice, Rome and Emilia-Romagna on the cards for 2021?
I went from being a quiet, isolated and reserved person that had no zest for life, to blossoming into a social, outgoing and confident person.
Transition into real-life dates, but in a more measured way.
What I did not like was that I no longer felt like myself.
You can grieve at any time – not just after a loved one dies
There’s this magical thinking that if people don’t talk about death and dying, it won’t happen to them. But all that’s doing is not facing the reality of life.
The average UK man has saved more than double what the average woman has during the pandemic.
Just over six months later, my leg is healing well - it won't be the same again, but I'm coming to terms with it.
In My Shoes: Meet the life coach helping people through loss and anxiety
As a Life Coach, specialising in anxiety and wellbeing, it is absolutely vital that I care for my mental health so I can continue to help others.
The new al fresco spot promises music, drag brunches, markets and more.
To say that I love running would be a gross overstatement. But it’s a medicine, and a bloody good one at that.
'If they tell you they just want something casual, believe them. Don’t try to change their mind.'
'Many of the young black lives taken these days are by young blacks themselves,' reads the letter.
Choose from Passion Fruit Vodka, Mojito Rum and Strawberry Daiquiri Rum.
I promised that if I ever came across someone who needed help or support, I would do anything in my means to help them.
'I’m not very good at being on top as I’m still figuring it out, and can lose my bottle sometimes'
Welcome back! Your guide to shopping safely
A quarter of people don't know what to say to others on the phone.
The 22-year-old has been told he has just five years to live.
Here’s how to ‘grow your own’ even if you don’t have a garden!
'Looking back now I could have really easily continued going down a certain path and gone a really negative direction.'
Pisces' will get on well with glamping in a picturesque location.
There's a creative energy in the air.
As the old adage goes, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.
I can say with absolute certainty that obesity isn’t a problem that can be solved by printing numbers on menus.
'Hearing someone’s voice is amazing, you can hear emotion.'
Millions across the world are celebrating.
We take on fitness plans for our physical health - why not our mental wellbeing?
Dressing in unexpected, happy, prints helps me feel shielded: people see the clothes, not the pain. I like that I can hide behind what I wear.
If you’re moving less in lockdown, this may have impacted your core strength.
Greetings, quotes and sayings to mark Eid al-Fitr 2021
As Ramadan ends, the blessed feast can begin.
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