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New legislation to be presented to parliament on Monday
For decades seen as the most likely spark for a Sino-US conflict the island of 23m people is again at the centre of growing tension
Two men head to Singapore as US seeks to manage expectations of historic meeting
No respite seen for fragile EM countries from tighter Federal Reserve policy
Ignore guff from bosses and focus on sensible ways to improve working life
Xi courts Putin and Iran, and gives lesson in political merits of autocracy
Weaker growth and euro’s slide magnifies impact of higher fuel costs
Early results from referendum show little support for plan to shake up banking system
Worldwide trend expected to intensify competitive pressures on active managers
Arron Banks meetings put focus on level of influence Russia sought to exert in EU vote
$40bn initiative was a signature announcement of Donald Trump’s 2017 trip to Saudi Arabia
Warning from one of sector’s biggest groups comes after concerns over Trump tariffs
Seehofer pledges ‘overhaul’ after mismanagement and crimes linked to refugees
Petrochemicals push expected to pay off even if more products are banned
Important monetary policy meetings are due next week in the US, eurozone and Japan
Demonstrations target plans for special economic zones thought to favour Beijing
President risks further anger by ‘dithering’ over EU plans to cut funding
When even liberals are circling the wagons, we know we have entered a different world
Heavyweights in good health despite a decade of change in sector
Giovanni Tria seeks to reassure investors with pledge to bring down debt
Chief executives warn trade wars will threaten jobs and hit consumers with higher prices
Other democracies must band together to resist global trade war
Future in doubt for grouping that has become synonymous with west
Trump backtracks on G7 communiqué, lashing out at Trudeau
Nirav Modi is at centre of alleged $2bn bank fraud and wanted by Indian police
Surge shows Chinese group still dependent on hardware even as it tries to shift focus
State companies, tycoons and foreign investors awaiting impact of promised reforms
Andreas Georgiou has faced accusations that he inflated budget deficit figure
Banking has been seen for too long as the underdog in the battle for online customers
France will beat Spain in the final, with Brazil in third place . . . maybe
Ken Hokugo to enlighten major funds on the dangers hidden in shareholder registers
Attempts to overthrow peers’ amendments to withdrawal bill will be hard-fought
The biggest banks are even more profitable now than they were in the mid-2000s, but shareholders still face low returns on equity
Deal with $314bn Eurizon would involve a minority holding and distribution arrangement
News reports after weeks of silence raise hopes that leader is genuine about pledges
UK accounting watchdog says KPMG conduct ‘fell significantly short’ of standards
Cryptocurrency falls as much as 11.5% after report that regulators are examining possible manipulation
Sharp rally for bonds as banks lead gains in equities
Europe’s biggest bank plots investment in ‘growth and technology’
US and North Korean leaders each face dangers if they stumble at historic summit
One-time lawyer set to lead third largest Latin American country without experience at governing
Both men believe that tiresome details can be left for underlings to sort out
Move follows business warnings that creating UK benchmarks would increase costs
A tangled tale of whistleblowing and boardroom intrigue
Swiss engineering group relies on global supply chains for its US business
Fixed income and gold funds are being sold with lowest-ever fees
The 72nd theatre awards, in charts
German investigation into diesel emissions reaches board level of group’s most profitable unit
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