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The “Outline French” Manicure Is Trending On Instagram

A French manicure with a colored tip is refreshing. On the one hand, it's clean and minimalist, but more fun because you have a pop of color replacing the traditional white stripe. Still, if you're looking for a more unexpected design that plays off the colored French tip you already know and love, consider this summer's trending design : the "outline French." Like a French manicure (including the colored kind), this variation keeps the base of the nail neutral, focusing the accent at the tip. The difference is that instead of swiping a clean line of polish across the end of the nail, you give the illusion of an outline by rimming the polish around it , leaving negative space in the center. The result is a cool, graphic French tip that can be any color you want — neutral white, black, or something bright. Take a look at some of the coolest iterations of the outline French manicure trending on Instagram, scroll ahead. Nail artist Amber J.H Nails gives us an outline French in an electric-blue shade . The design can also be called the "double French," for the twin stripes on top and bottom of the tip. Cat Quinn, the Executive Director of Global Trends for MAC Cosmetics (and former Refinery29 beauty director!), shows off an outline French manicure with each elongated almond nail given a different bright accent shade . This white outline French — out of CB Beauty Salon — shows how the thinness of the graphic lines gives dimension to short square nails . The Nail Bar, a Minneapolis-based salon, gives us an outline French manicure designed using black polish , which reads classic and edgy at the same time. Let nail artist Quisa confirm: The outline French is the best poolside manicure, and should be paired with an ice-cold cocktail. Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? The Top 5 Nail Polish Trends Of Summer 2021 Lil Yachty Just Announced A New Nail Polish Line The Best Bright Nail Polish To Buy This Summer